Friday, February 8, 2013

How do you get google voice to ring your computer?

Q. I got google voice recently and want to use it on my ipad. Every time I use it tho it only rings my cell. I cant use my ipad to talk I have to use my cell.

Is this how it works?

A. No, Google voice is a service offered so you can have one number allocated to several others (e. g. say your mother has 4 phones and she wants all her phones with 1 number. she could sign up for Google voice and every-time someone calls her Google voice number the call is forwarded to her other phones) so no you CANNOT use your ipad as a phone.

How does Google Voice work when you have no cell phone reception?
Q. Can anyone explain in steps? I'm a little lost. But anyways, yeah I'm basically moving to an area where there's no cell phone reception for calling/texting. There's wi-fi and I have been suggested Google Voice for texting/calling. Can anyone care to explain?

A. Google Voice is a service by Google (obviously) that gives you a single phone number that you can give to people. Calling this number will forward calls to your home phone, work phone, or cell phone. With this service, Google also offers free texting and calling through internet connected devices.

First, sign up for Google Voice at, then follow these steps to place calls/texts

For free CALLING through Google:
1. On your computer: go to, and simply place a call through the Chat box.
2. On your Android device: use an app such as GrooVe IP ($4.99) to place calls through your internet connection.

For free TEXTING through Google:
1. On your computer: navigate to and start a new text message.
2. On your Android device: either use the official Google Voice app, or GrooVe IP.

How do i find out who is sending me text messages from Google Voice?
Q. I've been getting anonymous messages from a Google Voice number but I have no way to identify who it is.

A. Contact google voice.

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